Our courses are structured so that after each theoretical part, there are demonstrations. The workshops are done at the end of each module and a general evaluation is done at the end of a training course.

Before each module, the time allotted for its study is clearly defined. Our trainers are qualified, have experience in the field and are generally certified in their area of expertise.

We give our trainees, either official training manuals or manuals respecting international standards set by our trainers. Most of our training is done from morning to evening.

We carefully prepare our learners to obtain certification, it is one of the major elements that distinguish us from our competitors.



The training proposals we send to our customers are very detailed. They present a general view of each training, the different learning objectives, the outlets and courses, the public concerned, the duration of the training and finally the detailed program of the training.

This allows our clients to define the skills to train, to organize the absence of training skills, and to make employees aware of skills acquired after their training