Our trainings are made in Congo, in Cameroon, and in Ivory Coast. We also move some trainings to other countries for strategic reasons.



Our air-conditioned training rooms have the following equipment:

  • Quality furniture (desks, wheelchairs and paintings)
  • 1 projector in each training room to project the work of the trainer and sometimes that of a learner
  • 1 computer with strong material capabilities for each trainee



International certifications are degrees from publishers / builders that attest the skills of people on a product. They take place in test centers approved by international testing organizations.

Thanks to certifications, skills and careers are easily identified, easily categorized and valued. Certified recruits add value because they are fully productive earlier than their uncertified peers. This level of productivity clearly demarcates their impact and skills. Certifications provide IT service providers and individuals, increased credibility towards their customers and employers who immediately identify their know-how. In a number of cases, certification has helped recruit managers 25% faster. Thus, to evolve in the current technological world, now, more than ever, certifications are essential to the success of each career.