Installation et intégration de services

When introducing any installation or modification of the system or network infrastructure, an implementation strategy is defined with our customers. It aims to gather all the conditions of security and reliability, to ensure the availability of the necessary hardware and software, to protect your data and to make the harmony between the internal organization and the organization in the context of this change.

Our goal is to provide you with less expensive, reliable, effective, comfortable and secure solutions; apart from the usual systems, networks and telephony solutions like Microsoft, LINUX, CISCO, HP, we also offer alternative solutions through hardware and high-performance concurrent software.

For example, we offer FORTINET and FORTIGATE solutions that are unknown but very effective for firewall and gateway services, and 3CX and HTEK advanced solutions for your company’s telephony.

Being an independent hardware reseller that does not receive any commission from manufacturers or resellers of materials, we guarantee our independence in terms of the solutions we offer to meet your needs, and the development strategies that we can bring. to submit to you.

The list of our installation and integration services being non-exhaustive, we present you some of them :

  • Installation and Setting of Servers and Dedicated Services
    • Virtualization Servers (HYPER-V, WMWARE, VBOX and Others)
    • Directory Servers (ADDS, Linux Directory)
    • RODC
    • CORE server
    • Database servers (SQL and ORACLE)
    • Corporate Messaging (Exchange, Mail on LINUX)
    • Collaborative Tools (Lync, SKYPE For Business, SharePoint)
    • Print Servers (On Linux and Windows)
    • DHCP and IPAM servers (Router, Linux and Windows)
    • DNS Servers (On Router, Linux and Windows)
    • DFS and FSRM servers
    • WDS servers
    • WSUS servers
    • ADCS servers
    • ADFS, ADRMS servers
    • NPS servers
    • NAP servers
    • PROXY Services and Internet Gateway (Fortinet, Fortigate, Websence, Web Proxy Application, Cisco ASA, SME Server)
    • SCCM
    • SCOM
    • Storage Solutions (SAN ISCSI, RAID, NAS, DAS, SAN HP)
    • High Availability Solutions (NLB, CLUSTERING, DNS ROUND ROBIN, etc.)
    • Data Backup Solutions (Backup Exec, Sauvegarde Windows, etc.)
    • Dynamic Access Control
    • Telephony and VoIP (PABX 3cx, Astérix et Cisco)
  • Installation and parameters of operating systems and software applications
  • Installation and integration of an enterprise network (wired or wifi)
  • Remote access installation
    • Remote Access Server
    • VPN
    • Direct Acess
  • Migration Infrastructure
  • Installation of workstations, printers, copiers and other peripherals
  • Installation of mobility accessories (PDA, blackberry, Pocket PC)
  • Computer network cabling

    We offer better network cabling services for companies, buildings, hotels.

  • Surveillance cameras installation

    We install CCTV cameras for businesses, hotels, and shopping malls.