etudes et conseils

The goal of« Studies and Advice » of our services is to serve you with flexible, efficient, effective and objective solutions. We are listening to your expectations in the major concern of a controlled computer budget. We want you to benefit from our technique for realistic solutions that are adapted to your problems.

We put at your disposal an interlocutor who is able to :

  • Specify your technical and functional needs while holding account of your profession, your company and your constraints.
  • Reproduce your “business” strategy in IT architecture, Hardware and software level..
  • Being the independent interface between your organization and your others IT providers.

In this methodology, our consultant carries out an audit of your computer park and your services to present you a reliable report to your infrastructure and your mode of operation. It then remains permanently attentive to your needs and your expectations to bring you flexible, effective and efficient solutions that add resilience, robustness and scalability to your IT.

Our audit practice is designed and adapted :

  • Audit the technical and functional environment of your computer system.
  • Elaborate technical and functional specifications.
  • Study your functional needs and your current and future business needs.
  • Develop evolution strategies.