The purpose of vocational training is to improve the skills and competitiveness of employees. It’s a way of helping students to understand, to get involved, to think about what they’ve done, what they’re doing, what they’re going to do, and why they’re going to do it.

Since training requires a financial investment, it is essential for companies to objectively evaluate the quality of training.

ITpro’ training is focused on computer systems, computer networks, management and marketing, as well as related topics such as security, unified communications, databases, application, development messaging, monitoring and configuration tools, project and service management, telephony, etc.


We have proven over time, all the pedagogical and technical quality of our training services, as well as the richness and flexibility of our offers.

With more than 100 training courses under our belt, we have demonstrations and hands-on workshops that are done after each module of a course. At the end of each course we do an assessment after which learners are thoroughly prepared for the international certification exam. This has led to more people being certified on Congolese territory than any other training organization.

Our training meets educational objectives, respects codes of ethics, respects regulations, and is in adequacy of the skills and technical means of our customers, for their complete satisfaction. Our vision is also to contribute to the formation of directly employable skills and to develop the culture of self-entrepreneurship in order to create new businesses to reduce unemployment.